The League


Naugatuck Valley League

The Naugatuck Valley League (NVL) is a 14-team athletic conference of high schools located in western Connecticut (from the Naugatuck River Valley north into Litchfield county). A member of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), the NVL is the oldest high school athletic conference in the state.

After its founding in the early 1930s, the NVL included a varying number of schools as members in the conference’s early years. During the 1960s and 1970s, a core group of Waterbury and suburban town schools comprised the NVL membership before Wolcott High and Seymour High joined the league in following decades.

With 12 member schools in place by the 2007-08 school year, the NVL’s athletic directors decided to set up two divisions within the league, in order to create more competition within the conference and enhance each sport’s postseason tournament. The names “Brass” and “Copper” were chosen as division titles/names because of Waterbury’s history of being a center of brass and copper production.

In 2009, the existing NVL schools voted in favor of admitting two more schools into the league — Derby High School (moving from the Southern Connecticut Conference), and St. Paul Catholic High School (which would have been forced to play independently after the disbanding of the Northwest Conference).

The two schools joined league play starting in the fall of 2009, with the newly-formed Brass and Copper Divisions rearranged to contain seven schools each. But that realignment of the league resulted in two sets of divisions — one set strictly for football and the other put in place for all other sports (as the Copper now essentially represents a “city division” with the five Waterbury schools along with Naugatuck and Torrington):


NVL Football

Brass Division: Ansonia Chargers, Crosby Bulldogs, Derby Red Raiders, Seymour Wildcats, Watertown Indians, Wolcott Eagles, and Wilby Wildcats.
Copper Division: Holy Cross Crusaders, Kennedy Eagles, Naugatuck Greyhounds, Sacred Heart Hearts, St. Paul Falcons, Torrington Raiders, and Woodland Hawks.


All Other Sports

Brass Division: Ansonia Chargers, Derby Raiders, Seymour Wildcats, St. Paul Falcons, Watertown Indians, Wolcott Eagles, and Woodland Hawks.

Copper Division: Crosby Bulldogs, Holy Cross Crusaders, Kennedy Eagles, Naugatuck Greyhounds, Sacred Heart Hearts, Torrington Raiders, and Wilby Wildcats.