Become A Site Contributor!

As the developers of an online site focusing on the achievements of student-athletes at NVL schools, we at NVL SportsNet believe that the site can also help to prepare students for their future accomplishments. With that in mind, we are offering students of league schools the opportunity to compose and contribute content for and possibly assist in the maintenance of the site, thereby enhancing their educational experience and helping to aid students in the pursuit of related careers.

Whether you are a creative writing student or school newspaper journalist who would like to write up game reports or athlete/interview profiles — or a student with an aptitude for or interest in graphic/web design or the field of marketing, or even a budding photographer who might want another outlet other than the school yearbook to contribute some photos — there are a number of tasks available for talented and reliable students to provide assistance during the three sports “seasons” of each school year.

We are hoping to select a number of students from each member school to make up NVL SportsNet’s team of correspondents, enabling participants to use the experience not only to showcase their work and abilities but also to boost credentials and enhance recognition for honors and scholarships — or perhaps even use some of the work to gain credit in certain classes.

To be considered for these contributor positions, please send an e-mail message to (describing which functions you are interested in and can assist with, and/or which sports or schools you would like to cover) or click here to use the message box on our “Contact Us” page to send a message along to our editors.

Thank you for your interest!