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NVL SportsNet

Welcome to NVL SportsNet, a newly-founded web site aimed at providing comprehensive coverage of Naugatuck Valley League athletics. In addition to reporting on league games and competitions and producing feature articles about student-athletes and their accomplishments, NVL SportsNet offers students of league schools the opportunity to compose and contribute content for and assist in the maintenance of the site, thereby enhancing their educational experience and helping to advance their pursuit of related careers.

NVL SportsNet will be an online portal for everything from league standings and school schedules/directions to timely tweets on recently-completed contests, offering readers information on all of the league’s sports. As the web site grows, we hope to increase video coverage of NVL events, include additional elements such as historical records and even introduce some “members-only” content for site subscribers.

The site has been designed and developed by Michael Griffin, a Crosby High graduate who played and coached in the NVL and whose professional work experience includes stints as an editor for monthly trade magazines, serving as an associate editor for, and also completing various projects as a graphic designer. Operating as Editor/Publisher of NVL SportsNet, Griffin comes from a family of teachers, administrators and coaches who have served students and athletes in numerous schools and various sports within the Waterbury and Naugatuck educational systems.

We hope this venture helps to promote the league and the achievements of its student-athletes, and hope you enjoy our coverage throughout each school year. Feel free to send in any comments or question about the site by using the contact form here. If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the site, please visit this page before sending along an e-mail describing how you would like to assist.

Thank you!